What We Do

Social Spotter Campaigns are perfect for:

  • Generating awareness for product launch
  • Supporting a retail test
  • Driving in-store traffic
  • Creating valuable impressions and increased online conversation around retail placements
  • Converting social media into retail foot traffic

How it Works:

  • You select the retailer and product you want to promote
  • We engage our Social Spotters to capture photos and videos of your product on the shelf at your selected retailer
  • Social Spotters share their photos and videos of your product on the shelf on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
  • You set the timeline and provide the branded hashtag
  • BSM Media compiles all placements and impressions into an exposure report

Who are Social Spotters:

  • High level social media influencers screened and managed by BSM Media
  • All Social Spotters have a minimum of 500 Instagram followers and active Facebook pages
  • Socially active moms truly interested in spreading the word about new products with other mothers

In addition to Social Spotters, BSM Media maintains relationships with over 15,000 mom influencers. From Brand Advocacy programs to MommyParties, we can help you turn your brand message into a strong word-of-mouth campaign online with moms. We invite you to visit BSMMedia.com to view case studies and descriptions of customized marketing programs or ask our clients about the work of BSM Media. We are most proud of our reputation and the results we produce for companies who want to engage with moms. For more information on BSM Media programs, or to request a customized proposal, contact ElizaBeth@bsmmedia.com.

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